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Dual Action
Manufacturer: Hamy?
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
$59.99 ?
Sega Mega Drive
? ?
Sega Mega Drive
?RUB ?


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The Dual Action is a video game console capable of running both Sega Mega Drive Nintendo Entertainment System video game cartridges. Thought to have been developed by Hamy, it was sold under a number of guises across the world, including the Gen-X, Dual Station, Retron Combo and 2 in 1 Genesis.

All versions of the console loosely resemble a Genesis 3 and ship with two six-button controllers, though some versions have a 72-pin Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge slot, and others a 60-pin Famicom cartridge slot. Compatibility is better than the GN Twin, with support for the Master System Converter II, though not the Sega Mega-CD or Sega 32X.

Photo gallery

Physical scans

Mega Drive, US (Gen-X)
GenX MD US Box Back.jpg
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GenX MD US Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, US (Gen-X Dual Station)

Mega Drive, World (Gen-X Hybrid Twin Console)
GenX Box Top Alt.jpg
GenX Box Back Alt.jpgGenX Box Left Alt.jpgGenX Box Front Alt.jpgGenX Box Right Alt.jpg
Mega Drive, (Hamy C-8)
HAMY C-8.jpg
Mega Drive, US (SG/FC Dual Action)
Hyperkin SG-FC Dual Action.jpg
Mega Drive, (MDFC)
MDFC MD Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive,
DualAction MD Box Front Blue.jpg
Mega Drive,
DualAction MD Box Front Pink.jpg
Mega Drive, RU (VG-1644)
Hamy Dendy VG-1644.jpgHamy Dendy VG-1644 Alt.jpg
Mega Drive, RU (Hamy 2)
Hamy Dendy 2 Box Back.jpgHamy Dendy 2 Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, AR (Nippongame)
2in1Genesis MD AR Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive,
2in1Genesis MD Box Front.jpg


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