Hiroshi Kataoka

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Hiroshi Kataoka
Date of birth: 1967[1] (age 55-56)
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1991[1] – )
Role(s): Producer, Director, Executive

Hiroshi Kataoka (片岡 洋) is the the head of AM2 as well as an Executive Manager on Sega's arcade business.

He joined Sega AM2 in 1991, originally applying as a programmer. However mandate from Sega came in saying that aside from a group of designers or programmers, "planners" are also needed for each division, including AM2. Just as Kataoka entered the company he was thrust into that position, said to be able to handle it. However after that, he was thrust into another dificult position, managing the development of arcade game Desert Tank, where Kataoka travelled to America communicating to foreigners to developed the game without knowing English too well. All that experience helped him however in his current position of Manager.

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