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Dongguan Dewei Electronic Co., Ltd., known by the trading name ZOGA, was a Chinese unlicensed Sega Mega Drive clone console developer and manufacturer.

ZOGA's name and logo take significant inspiration from those of iconic Japanese video game company Sega.


ZOGA's offices and manufacturing facilities.

ZOGA specialized in home electronics like DVD players, and additionally produced clone consoles of other systems like the Nintendo Family Computer. The company manufactured products with their own branding, but were also responsible for manufacturing products for other clients, such as the Simba's Mega Drive V and Mega Drive Extreme, and even offered buyers international shipping.

Sometime in 2021, ZOGA's website went offline.

Sega Mega Drive clone consoles

ZOGA produced numerous Sega Mega Drive clone consoles, though these systems are only known by their product codes.


A rebranded Mega Drive Extreme.


A Mega Drive V.


A Mega Drive clone based on the slimline PlayStation 2.


An odd hybrid system with designs stolen from both the Mega Drive II and Genesis 3.


A Genesis 3 clone similar to the Mega Drive X.


A "console on a chip" built into a Sega Dreamcast controller shell. This one relies solely on built-in games.


A Mega Drive clone based on the slim PlayStation model.


A Japanese Mega Drive II clone which would look identical if it weren't for the Zoga branding.


Another PlayStation look-a-like, this one taking the design of the original model.


This one takes the shell of a Nintendo 64.


A handheld system capable of playing Mega Drive games loosely based on the Game Boy Advance.


A selection of Mega Drive handhelds copied off the Game Boy Advance SP design.


A Sega Mega Drive II clone that doubles up as a Wii rip-off.


A "console on a chip" supposedly compatible with Sega Mega Drive games.


Another handheld console, with a 2.5-inch LCD screen and 256 built-in games, loosely based on the Game Boy Micro.


Another handheld console, with a 3-inch LCD screen, loosely based on the PlayStation Portable.



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