Unreleased Mega-CD games

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Name Involved Companies Details Dump Found and Released?
Alexandria (Mega-CD) Eduquest Featured at Winter CES 1993. No
Alien Acclaim Featured at CES 1993 and GamePro #45[1]. No
Backroad Racers Revell/Monogram Possibly the same title as European Racers and Power Modeller. Game would have included car model kit. Mentioned in GamePro #57.[2] No
Channel X No
Cool Spot Virgin Games Mentioned in Mean Machines Sega #10. Released on several other platforms. No
The Incredible Machine Dynamix "On the drawing boards"[3] No
Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Baja 1000 Williams Entertainment Announced at Summer CES 1994, mentioned in Mean Machines Sega #23. Sequel to Super Off Road, only released on SNES. No
Kamikaze Comics Crystal Dynamics Due for release in 1994. Shares a very similar plot to Comix Zone. [4] No
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Sunsoft, Park Place Productions GDRI - what is their source?
Metal Fang JVC Possibly a port of Metal Fangs to Mega-CD? Mentioned in GamePro #42[5] No
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge LucasArts, JVC No
Power Modeling Revell/Monogram Mentioned in GamePro #45[1]. No
Prime Evil Sony Imagesoft Featured at Summer CES 1994. No
"Pro Racing Simulator" Dynamix "On the drawing boards"[3] No
Real Fighters Sega Mentioned in Mean Machines Sega #10. Possibly released under another name. No
Spectre VR Velocity Announced at Summer CES 1994, mentioned in Mean Machines Sega #23. Released on PC and Mac. [6] No
Star Trek: The Next Generation Sega Mentioned in GamePro #42[7] No
The Strangers Malibu Interactive EGM #59 shows a very, very early version, circa mid-1994. Likely cancelled due to Malibu Interactive closing in the same year. No
Street Fighter II Capcom Mentioned in Mean Machines #14.[8] No