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Osamu Sato
Employment history:
Role(s): Producer, Tester

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Osamu Sato (佐藤 修) is a Sega employee who was the producer of the original Jet Set Radio. Though previously involved in system programming, He has since moved into the marketing department for Sonic Team titles (2006-2007) and later product testing and QA support management for various Sega titles.

Sato is also part of the company's motion capture team, whose work is mainly seen in Amusement Vision titles.

Production history




  • Mega Drive Mini (Mega Drive; 2019) — Software Quality Control
  • Sega Ages: Volume 1 (1996) — Special Thanks (Sega) (OutRun), Special Thanks (Sega) (After Burner II), Special Thanks (Sega) (Space Harrier)
  • Resonance of Fate (2010) — Sega Motion Capture Studio (Motion Actors), QA Manager (Sega of Japan)
  • Yakuza: Dead Souls (2011) — Sega Motion Capture Team (Animation Capture Support) (Development Support) ("Yakuza: Dead Souls" Technical Support Team) (Staff), Staff (CS Product Support Team) (Sega of Japan Staff Credits) (Localization)
  • CRUSH3D (2012) — QA Supervisor (Sega Corporate)
  • Binary Domain (2012) — Sega Motion Capture Team (Animation Capture Assistance - Sega Motion Capture Team) (Development Assistance) ("Binary Domain" Technical Support Team) (Staff), Product Testing (Sega of Japan)
  • The Cave (2013) — QA Supervisor (Sega Corporation)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (2016) — Product Test (Sega Games)

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