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Sega WOW
Founded: 2003-10-01[1]
Defunct: 2004-07-01[2]
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

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Sega WOW (株式会社セガワウ) was a division within Sega Corporation. It was created in October 2003 following a merger between WOW Entertainment and Overworks - an attempt to streamline operations due to Sega's challenging economic situation at the time. Initially it was known as WOW Works, though changed its name before it had a chance to release any games.

Effectively, the studio was more of a continuation of Overworks rather than WOW, with every game being a consumer title, with the exception of Dragon Treasure which was a Overworks title as well.

It was split into two teams after it it merged back into Sega proper, Sega AM1 for arcade titles and Global Entertainment R&D Dept. 2 for consumer games.




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