Hisao Oguchi

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Hisao Oguchi
Place of birth: Okaya, Nagano prefecture, Japan[1]
Date of birth: 1960-03-05[1] (age 64)
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1984-03 – )
Role(s): Producer, Executive
Education: Engineering, Chuo University

Hisao Oguchi (小口 久雄) joined Sega in March 1984. Like Yu Suzuki and Yuji Naka, he started his career conceiving a small SG-1000 title called Doki Doki Penguin Land. However unlike Suzuki and Naka his endavours afterwards were not on the creative side, but rather the management side of things.

In 1993, he became the Assistant President of Sega Amusement Machine Research and Development Department 3 (AM3), and started being affectionately named Boss[3][4]. In 2000, "AM3" became Hitmaker. Oguchi became the President of Hitmaker. Oguchi became President of Sega. He left Hitmaker as a result and Mie Kumagai took his place. He has not involved been with Sega since May of 2008. He has since been involved in business ventures like CGI movie company Marza Animation Planet or casino company Sega Sammy Creation.

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