History of Sega in Spain

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History of Sega in Spain
Sega distributor(s): Proein(1987-1989),Erbe(1989-1991),Virgin Mastertronic(1991),Sega Europe(1991-2012),Koch Media(2012-present)

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Proein released the Sega Master System in Spain in early 1987, after Germany and Italy, but before the UK and France. In October 1989 Erbe became distributors for all Sega consoles in Spain. Erbe distributed Sega products in conjunction with Virgin Mastertronic until 1991 when they started distributing rival Nintendo's Game Boy. Virgin Mastertronic briefly distributed on their own, before their European Sega distribution business including Spain was bought out by Sega later in 1991, with the new company named Sega Europe.

Following restructuring in 2012 Sega Europe closed down its Spanish operations, handing over distribution to Koch Media.


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