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Game Release date Description Screenshots
Summer Carnival '92 Recca (サマーカーニバル'92 烈火) 1992-07-17 An unused introduction sequence with a familiar "S?GA" logo and jingle exists in the game. It comes onto the screen, explodes and is replaced with a "Nint?ndo" one.

To re-enable the sequence, use the Game Genie codes IEUSTGAA, AXUSYKGG, NKKIAGEI and KSKIPGUI. Then hold Select before the Naxat Soft logo appears.

Recca Famicom Sega.png

Super NES

Game Release date Description Screenshots
Uniracers/Unirally 1994-12 If the user attempts to call themselves "SEGA" (or "SONIC"), a "NOT COOL ENOUGH" message appears.
Uniracers SNES Sega.png