Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

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Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
Place of birth: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan[1]
Date of birth: 1967-12-25[2] (age 51)
Company(ies): Sega of Japan
Role(s): Composer, Musician

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (光吉 猛修), born 25 December 1967, is a composer of video game music. He has composed music for various games produced by Sega. Enjoying video game music beforehand as well being very active in various music activities since junior high all the way to university, he became part of Sega's sound creation from 1990 onwards. His credits are various and his talents are extremely versatile. His activities range from composing, arranging, sound directing, making sound effects, providing bass, motion talent, voice acting and vocals. As one of the most senior employees of Sega, he together with Hiroshi Kawaguchi, manages the sound team for Sega's arcade titles, as well as being part of the (H.) band. His singing voice is particularly famous, best demonstrated in Daytona USA.

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