Unreleased Mega Drive games

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Name Involved Companies Details ROM Found and Released?
Al Unser Jnr Racing Software Toolworks Featured at Summer CES 1994. [1] No
Aliens Konami Mentioned in Mean Machines #2.[2] No
Andre Panza Kick Boxing Electro Brain Mentioned in GamePro #33[3]; possibly became Best of the Best: Championship Karate No
Brett Hull 2 Accolade Mentioned in German SEGA Magazin 6/94 and to be released just months after the first game. In the end the first game didn't even make it to Europe. No
Casper (Mega Drive) Riedel Software Productions, Hi Tech Expressions Info on this page is all that's known. No
Doctor Who Sega Previewed in Mean Machines Sega #22. Apparently connected to the 1996 TV movie. No
Environmental Detective Magicom Shown in some issue of Mean Machine (TODO FIND OUT WHICH). Cancelled for unknown reasons. No
Fun Car Rally MagiCom Prototype of Accolade's Combat Cars. BKK on Sega-16 reveals that MCOM in the game's ROM is likely to be MagiCom because they were developing Mega Drive games around the ROM's date, and one person who worked with them later founded Funcom, who held the rights to Combat Cars before Accolade. The title music appears to have been taken from The Beach Boys' Fun Fun Fun (or possibly Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode). The name entry music may be Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed by Matt Bianco. The reasons for the title and music changes are unknown. Yes
Future Zone Electro Brain Featured at CES 1993 and GamePro #45[4]. No
Hanna Barbera's Turbo Toons Empire Interactive Previewed in Mean Machines Sega #22. Only released on SNES in Europe. No
Hellfire Run Panoramic Software GDRI - what is their source? No
Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Baja 1000 Williams Entertainment Announced at Summer CES 1994, mentioned in Mean Machines Sega #23. Sequel to Super Off Road, only released on SNES. 1994-11[5] No
Jimmy Connors Tennis Ubi Soft Mentioned in GamePro #33[3] No
Joe Montana Football (Mediagenic)/Hyperball Mediagenic At least 30% complete when it suffered a combination of being locked in development hell and Mediagenic's financial troubles. Was to be developed entirely at Mediagenic. The Joe Montana Football that was released is based on an engine by Electronic Arts and Park Place Productions.
Karate Blazers Mc O'River Arcade game. Shown at Winter CES 1992.[6] No
Lennox Lewis Boxing Acclaim, Park Place Productions GDRI - what is their source? No
Lothar Matthäus Super Soccer Krisalis The game is called "Manchester United Championship Soccer" in UK and "Lothar Matthäus Super Soccer" in Germany but was only released to the SNES. A Mega Drive version were planned for and shown in German SEGA Magazin 1/95. No
Magician's Castle Psygnosis Featured at Winter CES 1993 No
Matrix Accolade Featured at Summer CES 1994. No
Pegasus Racer Ringler Studios GDRI - source No
Road Runner Alexandria GDRI - what is their source? No
Search for Ramses II Tengen Mentioned in Mean Machines Sega #10. No
Skulljagger's Revenge American Softworks Featured at Summer CES 1994. Due early 1995. No
Solo Flight Microprose Released for home computers. Shown at Winter CES 1992.[6] No
The Sporting News Virtual Soccer Probe, Hudson Soft [7] No
Technocop: The Final Mission Razor Soft Planned sequel to Technocop show at Winter CES 1992[8].
Troll Adventures American Softworks Announced at Summer CES 1994, mentioned in Mean Machines Sega #23. Probably the same as Super Troll Islands on SNES. [9] No
Wheel of Fortune 2 Gametek Mentioned for release in GamePro #54[10]. No